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Top-Notch Equipment Technical Services

Our experts listen thoroughly to deliver the most effective and efficient results to our customers. We bring decades of experience and knowledge in providing reliable assistance across industries regarding:

  • Product Selection
  • Quotes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Machinery Expertise
  • Custom Fabrication
  • 24/7 Breakdown Response
  • In-Plant Troubleshooting and Repairs

Equipment Exchange or Repair Services

It is our aim to help our customers operate at full production, so we also provide upgrades, deliveries, and troubleshooting. We have a large inventory of used ice cream equipment and other machinery for the dairy, food, meat, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. Our primary equipment lines include scraped surface heat exchangers, continuous freezers, fruit feeders, ripple pumps, and flavor tanks.

  • SS Heat Exchangers
  • Equipment
  • Parts

Remanufactured and Reconditioned Standard Services

When receiving remanufactured or reconditioned equipment from us, the following standard services have been performed. These services are done on all of our processing equipment, parts, and components to increase preventative maintenance effectiveness.

CleaningYesAs Needed
Worn PartsReplacedReplaced
Inlet/Outlet ValvesNewReplaced
Sanitary ConnectionsNewReplaced
Starter PanelNewReplaced
Motor StarterReplacedReplaced
Bearings and SealsNewAs Needed
MachiningAs NeededAs Needed
FabricationAs NeededAs Needed
WeldingAs NeededAs Needed
HoningYesAs Needed
PlatingYesAs Needed
Polishing of SS SurfacesAllAs Needed
Painting of Other SurfacesAllAs Needed
Electrical TestYesYes
Leak TestYesYes
Test Run (Dry)YesYes
Quality ControlYesYes
Loading for ShipmentYesYes
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SSHE Tube Refurbishing and Stocking Program

Our company offers a refurbishing program to take your worn-out chrome plated heat exchanger tubes and restore them. We also maintain the world’s most extensive inventory of refurbished tubes ready to ship. Our exchange program allows us to ship tubes out on-demand and enable you to return your exchanger tube at your convenience. This program keeps downtime to a minimum, frees up storage space, and reduces clutter in your plant.

Process to Refurbish and Re-Chrome Heat Exchanger Tubes

  1. Exterior and flange inspection of the tube and recommend repairs, if required
  2. Interior inspection and recommend repairs, if required
  3. Inspect o-ring and seal areas and repair or replace as necessary
  4. Inspect machining detail, including flanges, threads, locking lugs, and clips to ensure proper fit and sealing with the SSHE system
  5. Old chrome plating removal
  6. Hone inside diameter and buff
  7. Secondary inspection for any grooves or galling before chrome plating
  8. Chrome plate to 0.008″ thickness per wall
  9. Hone inside diameter to a high gloss finish
  10. Third and final inspection of the entire tube to original equipment manufacturers specifications

Sell or Trade Your Machinery

Turn your used equipment into cash by allowing us to purchase it. We also provide you with options to trade equipment for our remanufactured/reconditioned machinery. Simply use the inquiry form below to give information about your company and the equipment/parts you are selling or trading.

Required Information

  • Company Name
  • Contact Person
  • Company Address
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact Email Address
  • Equipment Type
  • Equipment Model
  • Production Year (If Known)
  • Equipment Description
  • Price
  • Photos
  • Attach Photos

Equipment Manuals/Software Programs

Need either an operations or parts manual for your equipment? We have the largest inventory of equipment and parts manuals for freezers, fruit and ingredient feeders, and thermutators. Contact us to see if we have your specific manual on file.


We have acres of secure, covered, and uncovered storage to meet your warehousing needs.


Our remanufactured/reconditioned equipment is backed by a 3-month labor warranty and 9-month parts warranty. We take pride in returning a machine to new or better-than-new condition with our professional craftsmen. Our machinery is guaranteed to meet quality standards and provide substantial savings over new equipment costs, usually of 50% or more.


We are committed to making all sales “right” and keeping satisfied customers. Our equipment is packaged with shrink wrap, banded down on the skids, and loaded on trucks. Moreover, we ensure that our parts and components are boxed or crated and surrounded by protective packing.

Please note that freezers do not include compressor units, refrigeration, or electrical installation parts or labor unless specified otherwise.

Contact our team today to discuss any aspect of machinery services you need.