team martin brothers supplying the ice cream industry since 1946

martin brothers will buy, trade, exchange or sell your used or surplus ice cream equipment or scraped surface heat exchangers
martin brothers used ice cream equipment and scraped surface heat exchangers, ice cream parts and services
martin brothers used ice cream equipment and scraped surface heat exchangers, ice cream parts and services
martin brothers serving the ice cream, food and dairy industry since 1946martin brothers serving the ice cream, food and dairy industry since 1946
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Martin Brothers, Inc. has experienced, long-time personnel, ready to work with you handling sales, technical inquiries and customer service.  We provide a fast, reliable response to every customer inquiry and are ready to assist.  Other services include equipment exchange or reair and warehousing if needed. At Martin Brothers, all customers and questions are important to us and we are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Go to the contact us page on our website for 24/7 numbers.


At Martin Brothers, the entire company is a sales and customer service staff, ready to assist you.  Fast responses to all sales inquiries and service questions are important to Martin Brothers. And we treat you with the same courtesy and respect AFTER the sale as we did BEFORE the sale because that's how WE like to be treated. When you call here, one of our people answers the phone, not some automated service. You don't have to "navigate" any menu to talk to a real person because a real person answers the phone. After hours emergency numbers are posted on the answering machine and contact us on our website.

Sales and Customer Services provided:

  • Order assistance
  • Sales support
  • Pricing Information
  • Service after the sale

  • Technical Services

    Martin Brothers' experienced personnel are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week for fast responses to requests from customers. Put our team with hundreds of man-years of ice cream experience to work providing reliable advice and process knowledge regarding:

    • Product selection
    • Quotations
    • Troubleshooting
    • Machinery expertise
    • Fabrication capabilities
    • 24/7 Breakdown Response
    • In-plant troubleshooting and repairs

    • Equipment Exchange or Repair

      Martin Brothers has a large inventory of used scraped surface heat exchangers, ice cream equipment and associated processing equipment for the dairy, food, meat, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.  We not only supply remanufactured/reconditioned equipment, but we also provide upgrades, delivery and troubleshooting. Our primary equipment line includes scraped surface heat exchangers, continuous freezers, fruit feeders, ripple pumps and flavor tanks. 

    • SS Heat Exchangers

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    • Equipment

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    • Parts

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    • Remanufactured and Reconditioned Standard Services

      You can be assured that when you receive remanufactured or reconditioned equipment from Martin Brothers, the following standard services have been performed on the piece of equipment you have purchased. These standard services are included on all our ice cream equipment, such as: continuous freezers, fruit feeders, ripple pumps, flavor tanks, scraped surface heat exchangers, and other processing equipment, parts, and components.
        Remanufactured Reconditioned
      Disassembly Complete Partial
      Inspection Yes Yes
      Cleaning Yes As Needed
      Worn Parts Replaced Replaced
      Inlet/Outlet Valves New Repaired
      Sanitary Connections New Repaired
      Controls New Repaired
      Starter Panel New Repaired
      Motor Starter Replaced Repaired
      Gaskets New New
      Bearings and Seals New As Needed
      Machining As Needed As Needed
      Fabrication As Needed As Needed
      Welding As Needed As Needed
      Honing Yes As Needed
      Plating Yes As Needed
      Polishing of SS Surfaces All As Needed
      Painting of Other Surfaces All As Needed
      Assembly Complete Complete
      Electrical Test Yes Yes
      Leak Test Yes Yes
      Test Run (Dry) Yes Yes
      Quality Control Yes Yes
      Crating/Skids Yes Yes
      Loading for Shipment Yes Yes


    • SSHE Tube Refurbishing and Stocking Program
      Martin Brothers has a refurbishing program to take your worn-out chrome plated heat exchanger tubes and refurbish them to a like-new condition. We maintain the world’s largest inventory of refurbished tubes ready to ship. We have an exchange program where we ship your tubes out immediately and you return your exchange tube at your convenience. This keeps your down time to a minimum.

      Process to Refurbish and Re-Chrome Heat Exchanger Tubes:

      1. Inspect outside diameter and flange of the tube and recommend repairs if required.
      2. Inspect inside diameter and determine if repair can be made. Each time the tube is refurbished the wall thickness gets thinner. This inspection estimates how thin the wall will become and advises the customer of our recommendations. We do not re-chrome tubes that are worn beyond factory recommendations.
      3. Inspect o-ring and seal areas at each end of tube and repair or replace as necessary.
      4. Inspect machining detail on both ends including flanges, threads, locking lugs, and clips to ensure proper fit and sealing with the SSHE system.
      5. Strip out the old chrome plating.
      6. Hone the inside diameter until clean and buff to very fine micro finish.
      7. Re-inspect inside diameter for any grooves or galling before chrome plating.
      8. Chrome plate to 0.008” thickness per wall.
      9. Hone inside diameter to high gloss finish.
      10. Complete final inspection of entire tube to original equipment manufacturers specifications.


    • Sell or Trade Your Machinery

      Martin Brothers will buy your used equipment or you may trade it in on remanufactured/reconditioned equipment. Please use the Inquiry Form on the Contact Us page and provide the following information about your company and the equipment/parts you are selling or trading.

      Information Required:

      • Company name
      • Contact person
      • Address of company
      • Phone number of contact
      • E-mail address of contact
      • Equipment type
      • Equipment name
      • Equipment age
      • Equipment description
      • Price
      • Attach photos


        Need either an Operations or Parts Manual for your equipment? We have the largest inventory of equipment and parts manuals for freezers, ingredient and fruit feeders and thermutators anywhere. Price is $30.00 for each Operations or Parts manual.

        Please contact us to see if we have your specific manual on file.

        Need a software program for your Fruit Feeder?

        Fruit Feeder ELC Software Program....Download

        Fruit Feeder HMI Software Program....Download


      • Warehousing

        Martin Brothers has acres of covered and uncovered storage to meet your warehousing needs.  Locked gates and an upstanding community provide reasonable security for this warehousing.  We also have available one building located in town to warehouse equipment that requires a totally enclosed, secured facility. 

      • Warranties

        Martin Brothers remanufactured/reconditioned equipment is backed by a 3 month parts and labor warranty, followed up by a 9 month parts-only warranty. Our craftsmen take great pride in returning a machine to new or better than new condition. And they don't let anything out the door until their old-fashioned quality standards are met. This equipment provides a substantial savings over new equipment costs, usually 50% or more. We pride ourselves in making all sales "right" and keeping satisfied customers.

      • Terms & Conditions

        We at Martin Brothers pride ourselves in making all sales "right" and keeping satisfied customers.  Equipment is packaged with shrink wrap, banded down on skids, and loaded on trucks.  Parts and components are boxed or crated and surrounded by protective packing.  Freezers do not include compressor units, refrigeration or electrical installation parts or labor, unless specified otherwise.

        • Payment Methods: Money orders, credit cards
        • Add 3.49% Credit Card Service Charge.
        • Shipping and Handling: F.O.B. Winnsboro, Louisiana, USA.
        • Taxes: In-state orders subject to Louisiana taxes, Out-of-state no sales taxes.
        • Export: Totally enclosed crating at extra cost.
        • Start-up Service: Extra cost.